The power of Yes and No

Avdi Grimm's take on the power of Yes and No

The power of words

This post is a little different. Avdi Grimm is a smart guy. If you are learning to be a Rubyist, you could do worse than to subscribe to his Ruby Tapas screencast episodes.

I was really impressed with his journal entry. Read the whole thing!

Showing up is, in my mind, a form of saying “yes”. When you’re trying to change your circumstances, saying “yes” plays an amazingly big role.

Yes to the open-mic night. Yes to the call for proposals. Yes to the meetup invite. Yes to the last-minute speaker slot that opens up, no matter how much of a hassle it is to change your plans. Yes to the audition. Yes to the local community organizer who is looking for some help. Yes to the OSS project that needs a new maintainer.

This isn’t some airheaded yes-to-the-universe new age woo-woo. All of these “yeses” involve doing some legwork first. You have to be in the right place to hear the question. You have to do a little research, be on the right mailing lists, follow the right people. Fortunately, the Internet makes this part relatively easy, assuming you have access.